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Menopause Mini Herringbone Chakra Bracelet

Menopause Mini Herringbone Chakra Bracelet

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Chakra Bracelet

 * Now available with 999 purity silver filled wire * (Better than 925 silver and deliciously hypoallergenic)

This beautiful handcrafted wire-wrapped herringbone bracelet has been curated especially to aid in the many complex symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, working with Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and an expert in female hormone health Wendy Hill from Fab Female Nutrition to bring the perfect crystal combination together for you!


You will receive your beautiful chakra bracelet accompanied by reference cards for all the crystals and bracelet symbolism with a stunning teal drawstring bag to keep your piece safe. 


The Bracelet

Made up of seven Chakra stones. This means that when you're wearing your bracelet you will always have a connection to each part of your energy, encouraging your mind, body and spirit to work in harmony as a whole. You can also engage the energies of each one individually depending on your needs. The links have been formed so the stones are more prominent on the underside meaning they can connect to your skin with ease. They have been programmed with healing energy to work with your energetic and you may find they will engage with you without you consciously working with them. Supporting and guiding you.


The Crystals

Amethyst - crown chakra, "The Travellers Stone" calm mood swings and emotional imbalances with this natural tranquillizer. Soothe anxiety and stress and find a space of serenity with this beautiful calming crystal 


Lapis Lazuli - third eye chakra, "Stone of Friendship" intensifies your intellect and brings clear thinking. This crystal can help soothe migraines, supports the immune system, reduce blood pressure and help stabilise the thyroid gland.


Malachite - throat chakra, "The Stone of Transformation" known for creating inner harmony helping to balance hormones and lower blood pressure.


Rose Quartz - heart chakra, "The Love Stone" is perfect for learning to understand the new ways of your body, mind and soul through this change. Rose Quartz has an innate calmness to soothe your worries and can lead you to access the heart centre where you can begin to explore the new you and show yourself love and respect for the amazing person you are, have been and are becoming.


Citrine - solar plexus, this beautiful yellow stone is one of positivity and optimism. Its cheerful colour invokes feelings of personal power and confidence opening up the solar plexus chakra drawing you to a place of self-confidence and raising your self-esteem.


Carnelian - sacral chakra, This stone is one of joy and celebration, honouring the wonderful purpose of the womb system, known for cleaning toxins and releasing any unwanted energies from the body.


Red Garnet - root chakra, strongly connected to the libido and encourages feelings of love and passion towards others and yourself. This stone encourages passion and exploration which is key in times of transition in order for you to feel comfortable and confident as you.


The Symbolism

The links are made in a style called a herringbone, forming the shape of an eye. The all-seeing eye throughout time has been used as an amulet of protection and guidance which is perfect for a time of life when you may be feeling vulnerable within yourself and to external negative energies. It’s also representative of the third eye which connects to the higher self and divine powers, tapping into your wisdom and connecting you to something beyond yourself.

The Numerology

Included in each link we have three stones, the focal stone with clear quartz on either side. The clear quartz is a powerful amplifier, energiser and focus stone allowing the individual properties of each stone to remain within its own right as part of the piece.

The number 3 is important as a representative of peace, knowledge, wisdom and harmony. Menopause is also the third stage of a woman’s body's journey. This is why we have three crystals in each link.

Within the structure of the links, the wire wraps 5 times on either side of the crystals. The number 5 has been used as it is representative of change and a sense of personal freedom.

There are 3 “rounds” of the herringbone. This equals 3 sweeps on each side and with the central structural point, each link will equal 7 elements with the wire wrapping.

The number 7 is so important and represents and a quest for knowledge and the deeper meaning of life. It also represents the opening of doors to new beginnings. The creation process is important as it’s a single piece of wire taking a journey with many twists and turns to create the whole, in the same way that our lives do.


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The sensible stuff

Notes & Disclaimers

Crystal Healing Disclaimer

The descriptions of the properties, qualities and meanings of the crystals refer to healing benefits that have been found by healers, shamans and those who have gone looking for something alternative to heal themselves. Please note they are not intended to replace diagnosis of illness or ailments, nor medicine and cannot imply a guarantee of effect. Crystals and crystal healing offer a valuable opportunity to understand what your body is trying to tell you. You become part of the diagnosis, learn to take responsibility and play a part in the care of your physical and spiritual body. This should be seen as supportive to your healing, as crystals do not offer a direct cure to physical ailments, instead they work on one’s vital energy levels. Always consult your doctor or health professional in the case of illness or disease. Everything on the planet has energy, but as yet there has been little scientific research done to prove or disprove the benefits of working with crystals.


Although extremely rare, some people are allergic to the metals and finishes commonly used in making jewellery. It is the responsibility of the consumer to be aware of any allergies he or she may have to metals (gold, silver, etc.) or the oxidation applied to metals (liver of sulfur) prior to making a purchase. While we have tried to source hypoallergenic hooks both lead and nickel free we cannot guarantee these won't cause a reaction. Because there is no way for us to know the medical history of our customers, MiniMoon Arts will not be held liable for any allergic reactions that may occur as a result of wearing our jewellery.


Many MiniMoon Arts Jewellery designs contain small component parts such as charms, which may present a choking hazard if ingested. As a result, jewellery from MiniMoon Arts Jewelry should always be kept out of the reach of young children or other individuals likely to ingest the jewellery or its component parts. Jewellery should never be worn in the shower, pool or bed, and it should never be placed in the mouth due to risk of choking. Please keep your little ones safe!


All of my packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable. Placed gently into a hard-sided box with protective padding to snuggle your items up lovely and safe! 

You will also receive a cute handwritten note from me with a mindfulness colouring pattern on one side for a moment's peace in this crazy ol' world!


Please feel free to contact me at any time!

This could be for commission enquiry's, chats about healing sessions, queries about returns or anything you feel drawn to message about!

All are welcome with thanks, Annie x