Welcome To The Circle

(Sung to the tune of Welcome to the Jungle)

Yay! I can't believe you're here! Thank you so so much for joining the circle!

Your confirmation email will be with you very soon! Remember to check you junk and spam boxes just in-case and put a ✨ super favourite ✨ on the email address so you never miss your magic secret code!

Take A Breath

I know, I know, so exciting!

Let's just take a moment and do some grounding with this beautiful Red Jasper...

Breath in for four


Release for four

Feel your body connect with the Earth and be stable, confident and centred.

A Little Reminder Of Why You're Here...

The Magically Important Person Circle

The Circle & it's Wonders 

✨ A completely free community to join! 

✨ Exclusive MIP access unique jewellery collections, 10 days before the public!

✨ You will receive a magical secret code to unlock each collection 

✨ Every piece is Hand Crafted with the intentions of the Crystals in mind 

✨ To keep the circle as accessible as possible, all communication is via email 

(No social media access needed)

✨ Any MIP order will come with two "Pocket Hug" crystals included. Keep one and pass one along to someone who might need it!  Pocket hug theme will change with each collection! ✨

 As the community grows, so will the circle of magic ♥