Fidget Jewellery

Designed to look beautiful and feel amazing! This range is perfect for channelling your daily anxiety and stress in a subtle and stylish way. Say goodbye to bulky fidget spinners and stress balls and say Hello to your new piece of fidget crystal jewellery!

From helping people cope with overstimulation, anxiety and the stress of everyday life, to distracting from destructive habits like nail biting, finger chewing and hair picking. These fidget pieces have helped so many people and certainly could help you too! Each one is programmed with crystal healing energy imbued by me, Annie Heath, your resident crystal healer. Can't find one that fits your personal needs? No problem, just select the custom listing and follow the instructions there!

Hi, I'm Annie Louise & this is my journey

Sat on the floor of my son’s hospital room, silently and uncontrollably weeping over my amethyst necklace, sharing my energy and seeing the incredible magic of other practitioners' energy converging all around him, was the moment I realised crystal healing and energy work was my path to take.

This point was the true beginning of realisation for both of our journeys. Mine to full heartedly follow the path of becoming a crystal healer to share my energy connection and soul deep desire to help others. And my son, and family's journey to discovering his genetic divergence.

Hi, I’m Annie Louise the founder, creator and advanced crystal healer of MiniMoon Arts. A small business born in a tiny flat in Brighton during one of the scariest times of my life. Six months pregnant and shielding from the world pandemic, terrified of going out of my front door for a few minutes outside. Torn away from my social network and sh*t scared of giving birth with the possibility of having to do it alone. Thankfully that wasn’t the case, for which I am forever grateful.

Six months after that redundancy hit from a job I’d given 15 years of my life to, enabling me to have the freedom to really build on that seed of an idea that had formed nearly a year previously.

After 300 hours of course study and many more personal discoveries I am now a certified Advanced crystal healer. Training for my level 1 Reiki and meditation teacher diploma with plans for so much more growth. To bring the best possible experience to my clients.

Combining my background in Art, (BA Hon’s fine art degree) my natural talent and decades of self taught jewellery making and my natural affinity to working with crystals and people, I have alchemised something that was a simple jewellery and art business into something that brings true magic, flow and healing into people's lives. Having been forced into living one of my greatest fears, loneliness, not only during the pandemic but later with my son whilst we discovered the extent of his personal recipe I knew that specialising in distance healing work was where I needed to focus my attention. Meaning I could bring accessibility that physical practice could never achieve and make it possible for me to stay at home to be with my boy.

I still can’t quite believe that this is my job, that I can share magic literally across the world!

It’s been a true privilege to work with so many incredible people. To have been trusted with helping them realise themselves, work through their trials and traumas to grow with forgiveness and love for themselves is something I’ll never quite get over. Through the power of distance crystal healing sessions and the magic of cosmic armour crystal tools, so many are thriving on their personal journeys. Each one, different and tailored to their individual needs.

But hey, this space isn't about me! It’s about you, whether it’s for some jewellery or a full crystal healing and cosmic armour journey I cannot wait to welcome you into this sanctuary.

Much love and sparkles,

Annie Louise xxx